15 May

Garden update:  The basil is really coming in well. I am hoping to make pesto for the first time this year and save it in ice cubes for use in the winter.

I have 23 tomato plants in all….that’s definitely a crop. I’d like to do some canning for the first time as well.

I am really excited about these guys…they got started late so are still in the seedling stage, but if I can get them strong enough to go outdoors they make those huge 1 lb tomatos like you see in the fair. Great great for canning!!! And my ego.  Finny is my inspiration for monster truck rally tomatos.

I see salsa verde in my future.

exes and ohs



The Queen Bees

10 May

These are some treasured photos from my mother’s day last year with my dear Gigia and mom. We had brunch at my house with quiche, champagne and bagels. It was a lovely peaceful day. This year was quite different. My grandmother’s had a stroke and it has been a difficult two months. I am so grateful for all the time I have with my mom and grandmother.

I love this picture of you mom!

Love you Gigi!

You too doodlebug! He lets us get our gossip on.

I’ve never wanted mango iced tea more than right now. I need to make this again. So subtle and refreshing.

Bye for now



Mama Plant

10 May

Earlier this year I had the insane idea to sell my house that I adore. The house was listed all of about six weeks of me feeling sad before I came to my senses. So when I called the realtor and cancelled my contract and joyfully began moving in my pictures and boxes I noticed this plant needed to be repotted.

I gave the babies away to my neighbors to celebrate “We’re not moving day”.

And then we made pizza and I had a glass of my friend Car don Aye and all was right in the world again.

For a children’s tutorial on how to make Pepperoni Pizza check out Cooking with Calvin.