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Gratitude Tuesday

9 Jun

My new purse

 My mom bought me this cute Fossil purse at Macy’s. I love it. It says color and summer. And it’s nice and big.

Gratitude Tuesday one day late:

I am grateful for:

My home

No mortgage

my church

My mom and Dad

my brother and his beautiful wife

My niece  – I can t wait to meet you!

my son’s FOUR grandparents – how lucky are we

My Gigi and all the lessons I am learning

My safe cozy cul de sac

For all of the traveling I have done and all I have yet to do – the Wanderlust

All of the love I have had in my life and all that is to come

The men at my church who help with my son

My new purse

 My garden

All the good that is coming to me

Thank you Universe


The Queen Bees

10 May

These are some treasured photos from my mother’s day last year with my dear Gigia and mom. We had brunch at my house with quiche, champagne and bagels. It was a lovely peaceful day. This year was quite different. My grandmother’s had a stroke and it has been a difficult two months. I am so grateful for all the time I have with my mom and grandmother.

I love this picture of you mom!

Love you Gigi!

You too doodlebug! He lets us get our gossip on.

I’ve never wanted mango iced tea more than right now. I need to make this again. So subtle and refreshing.

Bye for now