Giant Fruits

24 May

Because I am obsessed with seeds, an addict really, I bought MORE seeds to grow into plants. Even though I have 23 tomato plants in the raised bed, garden number two only has like one pumpkin vine. What does one pumkin vine need with a whole bed.

So say hello to your new competition. I mean friends. Black and orange pumpkins. AND… the infamous, Does-it really exist or not…. GIANT pumpkin. I am obsessed with growing pumpkins because I CANT GROW PUMPKINS. My only foray into this genre of gardening was last year and it was a complete failure. I had high hopes of impressing my friends and family with said GIANT pumpkin. My unreal fantasy goes something like Charlottes web with country fair and “some pumpkin” written in spidar web or something,… that.

I mean, I want to believe in the GIANT PUMPKIN. I want to believe I can grow fruit bigger than my child, or my dog. And I am crazy and insane. 

This is for my boy, because he’s like “I dont eat tomatoes mom. Or peppers. Or cilantro. Or basil.Or zucchini.” You get the drift.

And in keeping with my apparant innate need to grow GIANT fruit this summer, I transferred the Beefsteak tomatos to bigger containers. 

What am I compensating for with all this giant fruit? What does it all mean?

Moving along, I think the Texas heat would wipe out the seedlings if I put them in the ground this young. Which is different for “you guys” up North. Your always blogging about a freeze and trying to keep your seedlings warm. Not a problem here in Houston. We like it hot and humid.

transplanted beefsteak

I know, they are little. GROW!!! Growing tomato plants from seed is excruciating. I need to start earlier next year.

I am attached to the GIANT beefsteak. They must make it. The brandywine,  phht. They can die if they want. I read that the Brandywine is “leggy”. And that sounds all whimpy and high maintenance.

Ok good bye.

xoxo melissa


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