Green Monster breakfast wrap

15 May

This is an easy Eat Clean recipe for breakfast. I happen to be out of everything but green veggies and ingrediants which inspired the “green”.

First fry up some turkey bacon.

Chop your onion and some pickled jalapenos. If you cant handle the peppers then you suck. Just kidding!

Throw them into the pan where you cooked the turkey bacon – you may need to add some pam or olive oil (I did). Turkey bacon is pretty lean.

Add broccoli. It’s a superfood. Tosca Reno from the Eat Clean book sites that it is stocked with “disease fighting nutrients”. It boosts the immune system. It is also cancer fighting. And did you know broccoli (one serving) contains more vitamin C than a glass of O.J.!? Who knew!

Ok add your eggwhites. I happen to have them in a carton – or you can separate them yourself. I added about a half carton.

Scramble your eggs.

Just before your eggs are ready, add fresh spinach. Scramble just long enough to wilt the spinach. Otherwise it gets mushy and gross.

Get your wrap. I used garden spinach. Heat it up a sec in the microwave.

Assemble and roll.

I forgot to tell you, I boiled a small potato (which is eat clean) and added it to the onion and jalopeno broccoli before I poured the egg whites.

Be fearless and cool like me. Add more jalapeno.

Cut in half.

The monster! I only eat half as a serving and save the other half for a snack later.

The wrap itself was 210 calories so one serving was only 105 with 18 grams of carbs.

Green Monster Breakfast wrap:

Mission wrap garden spinach herb

egg whites

half chopped onion

pickled jalapeno to taste

small potato or half a larger potato

fresh spinach

fresh broccoli

turkey bacon

Cook the turkey bacon to crisp. Then, in the bacon “grease” sautee the onions, jalopeno and broccoli. Add in one small boiled potato chopped.

Then add your eggwhites and scramble. When eggs are almost done, wilt the spinach. This would also be more awesome with a verde salsa (which I was out of boooo!).

Assemble in your wrap and enjoy!




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